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Personality Chemistry Research
The Science of Relationships
Dynamics ‎ for Connecting

FEATURES:  Discover anyone's personality, become a master communicator, understand the chemistry between 2 people, analyze the ‎personality dynamics of a team, stop flying blind, improve your cold outreach, know yourself - your prospects & clients better, build teams with natural chemistry, manage conflicts & much more --- For ‎marketing, team building, research, realty brokers (win the listings game), services & communications influenced by the relationship chemistry --- Predictable Personality Roadmaps.

OVERVIEW: Anonymityinc's Personality-Psychometrics, 100% Tax Deductible Research Services include, but are not limited to: (a) ‎automatically assigning Personality (Psychometric) archetype codes(b) delivering Group Chemistry Reports & Personality profiles, (c) ‎Personality Research and (d) intelligent, dynamic inter-actives by personality archetype (web, chat & more w/smart logic).  

* We classify everyone automatically (using Public Data) ‎into 16 personality archetypes, and focus on: (1) Analyzing Inter-Personality Dynamics & Fit of different personalities to Groups/Teams, AND (2) Understanding the ‎‎'Chemistry' between combinations of 2 personalities (sales to prospect, team member or co-worker). ‎

IN SIMPLE TERMS:  We'll help you (A) discover anyone's personality from Big Data (along w/your own), (B) generate invaluable group ‎and marketing insight from the cascading effect of the Relationship (chemistry) reports, and (C) help everyone become master ‎communicators (knowing predictable behavior with chemistry to match your personality).

* We produce four (4) types of reports ‎‎(Group Dynamics, Group Fit, Relationship & Personality), including 1-on-1 personality "chemistry reports" (Relationship Reports) ‎that 99% of the industry does not, and which are rolled up in the Group Fit Reports, that are rolled up in the Group Dynamic ‎Reports. Furthermore, our reports are practical, actionable, bulleted advice under key categories.‎

RELATIONSHIP CHEMISTRY REPORTS (The keys to connecting & groups): While Personality Profiles provide predictable insight into each person's needs, ‎motivations, values & charactrer traits (extracted from Public Data, text submission/200+ words, resumes & more), the biggest ‎VALUE from Personality Science comes from the 1-on-1 Relationship reports (people chemistry for Teams & for marketing) - it's like the comparing the value ‎of endorsements & testimonials in comparison to casual association.

* Every person thus needs only their 16 roadmaps  (playbooks) to the 16 personality types, and know the personality type of their ‎contacts (prospect, client, team-mate, co-worker) to master communications. It's simple with predictable results ‎‎(80%+).‎

* So while most personality testing in most companies focuses ‎on matching personality to the right job role, shouldn't it also apply equal or more focus on the chemistry of personalities in team ‎or group roles? Also, isn't group analysis a collective of 1-on-1 relationships?  And while the logic and role of Relationship Chemistry Reports, for 1-on-1 interactions and for Group Dynamics & Fit reports establishes its' comparative value, it's critical that you see samples of the Relationship Reports below.
A) Our 3 page flyer:  (i) Cover page: additional personality sciences problems we will solve; (ii) Page 2: Solution, ‎configs, pricing, benefits; (iii) Page3: Justification & Need to Know info about our program. 
B) Our report samples include: (i) Group Dynamics Report for people, (ii) Group Fit Reports (2 of 4 shown), (iii) Relationship Chemistry ‎Reports (showing 2 of 132 combos), (iv) Personality Reports (a description page with links to all 16 ‎personality reports templates)‎. 
C) For more information:  See references to Psychometric Research, under Anonymityinc Consulting (#8) in the menus above. 

FAST, RISK-FREE, HIGH VALUE DELIVERABLES:  Group-Team Assessments - You send us an email (or we send you a form) that includes the names of people in the groups to be analyzed. ‎ We process your reports (all 4 types) and send the results back to you (average 1 hour turnaround). If you find it even somewhat ‎insightful, you pay us & get 100% tax deductible receipt for the report insights. If you don't think it has any value, you don't pay ‎anything.  

* For marketing it works a bit different: ‎We create personality profiles of your salespeople at no cost; you send us the names & basic info** on prospects or clients PER SALESPERSON; we lookup their codes AND the proven personality roadmaps (Relationship Chemistry) reports for each salesperson to prospect interaction; you pay upon receipt of the prospect's personality profiles and matching relationship roadmaps.    We apply a $10 surcharge per relationship chemistry report (vs. $25) per salesperson until they have their 16 roadmaps; thereafter for that salesperson, we only charge for prospect/client personality reports. 

** Basic Info for marketing includes prospect or client's name(s), employer company***, city, age range, hair color, race & social media/business affilations (not req'd but helpful).  ***Else currrently, we produce personality codes but not relationship reports.

TO ‎ORDER CALL => 303.800.5766.‎  You may also contact us at the link above or through our chat service below.

ABOUT US: Philip R. Nakata (Founder) is a former IBM Chief Technology Officer (DC, Bethesda, Raleigh, Austin) & CSC Partner (Waltham), who worked with ‎the first ‎biometric security ‎patent, one of the first wireless patents, configurators, artificial intelligence, search, SOA, virtualization, BI & ‎some of IBM’s ‎most ‎valuable intellectual capital. He was an Executive Assessment Officer for IBM Enterprise ‎Architecture & Infrastructure & First Reporting Officer to IBM’s ‎Director of Intellectual Capital, Red Books & IBM’s top 20 ‘Big Blue’ ‎accounts.‎  See the founder's link above for Anonymityinc's references & full bios.

* Mr. Nakata was part of the practice at Mathematica/Martin Marietta Data Services that launched retail credit (store cards) in the USA, while establishing TRW's computing services in NY City (circa 1982).  His experience further includes but is not limited to helping develop asset allocation algorithms & future markets for the stock exchange, along with credit services for companies like ADP.  Respectively, this business is similar to ADP credit services that knew a car buyer's credit status between the time they walked into the showroom - and the time they reviewed the first car; however, with Anonymityinc, instead of credit data, it's about the chemistry between two or more predictable personalities. 

ANONYMITYINC ANONYMOUS RESEARCH:  Anonymityinc also hosts your anonymous, authenticated, GDPR-SAFE™ Psychometric Research Insight that fuels & funds your R&D & Philanthropy.   Our 100% tax deductible services resolve the best interests of (1) socially responsible research & (2) personal data privacy, unlocking the potential of authenticated collective pattern insight & behavior prediction from anonymous, correlatable psychometric & behavior research.   Sponsors Buy Tax Deductible (e.g. Funds charity) GDPR-SAFE‎™‎‎ Data Research.   

* This is a zero risk offer w/big security, privacy, invaluable psychometric insight, goodwill & financial value. We have mastered the formula (e.g. Persona [ ] x IoT x GPS x Time) for applied psychometric & biometric pattern analysis & behavior prediction for socially ‎responsible research that funds philanthropy & resolves personal data privacy.  For more information, see the slide show button or menus above.