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Anonymityinc's Tax Deductible Personality Lookup & Relationship Reports.  Quicklink: 

Optimize the on-going relationships between any 2 personalities.

Know anyone’s personality & how to continuously optimize the changing relationship chemistry landscape between any two personalities, given nature’s distribution of genetic personality needs, motivations, values & traits, social interests, work relations & incompatibilities‎.   We've mapped the Personality Compabilities/Fit and Relationship Reports for each of the 16 personalities with one another (e.g. 256 reports = 16 x 16 Personalities; 136 unique=16+15+14+...etc.). 

These reports account for the natural personality strengths, weaknesses, changes over time and incompatibilities of all ‎personalities with one another (25% low, 50% moderate, 25% high). These guidelines explain how each personality pair can ‎best 'fit' together symbiotically, respect each other, feel ‘connected’ & achieve mutual satisfaction in the relationship, as ‎compared to focusing on common interests or letting nature takes its' course.‎

Each relationship report provides (1) Personality Comparisons, (2) Engagement etiquette, (3) communication differences, and ‎recommendations on (4) encouraging & motivating each other, (5) working together, (6) dealing with change, (7) managing ‎stress, ‎(8) resolving conflicts & (9) building trust‎ in that relationship pair.   Now anyone can master the relationship ‎fit/compatibility between any 2 people’s personalities, by carefully following the advice in the matching relationship report, w/quarterly  monitoring for on-going changes in the personalities & their relationships.‎

These are all 501(c)3 tax deductible services, as we give what would be profits to local philanthropy.

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For Playbook (Single Roadmap) or Group/Corp. order, use a free PDF sign & email browser extension like "Free PDF Complete/Sign/Collaborate", sending it to the email address on the form.  We are also looking for agents in all parts of the USA and abroad - a sample of our agreement is included below - complete contact form if you are interested.