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Phil's Inspirational Media Worth Sharing

Last Update:  20181208; 03:15 PM Death of a Nation by Dinesh D'Souza; MST: Alpha; release date - 20180803

It was just two years after I built my first computer & visited the New York World's Fair (see slideshow), that Star Trek (The Original Series; TOS) debuted on September 8th, 1966. That series, in particular focused on Spock's attempts to 'feel' humanity, has shaped our service's 'conscience' for each person to be serviced by Anonymityinc. As the most fitting tribute to the media (sci-fi to documentaries) which inspired us, we are sharing it with you.  Please also don't miss the TED Videos under 'Media Worth Sharing', the 'Videos' in the menus above.  My music link is also an unique visit to the music of the '60s to '00.  Enjoy.

Install the OpenVideo Faststream Chrome Extension prior to watching any of the movies, to eliminate the sex & game promotion supporting the free movies, available at THIS LINK.     Bookmark this page for great movies and documentaries.  Just remember and become a member one day (Sponsor, Host or Follower/Client).