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Anonymityinc.net's Full Consent Description and link to Our Registration of Visitor's Anonymous Research ‎Data that benefits your 501(c)3 R&D / Community / Philanthropy

Anonymityinc.net is the new framework of Psychometric Research Insight & Philanthropic Integrity.   We (a) address ‎corporate ‎security & data privacy responsibilities & liabilities, by (b) licensing people's anonymous personal data as a trusted 3rd ‎party liability ‎mitigation & consumer rights 501(c)3‎, that (c) sells our client's anonymous but invaluable psychometric data as a tax ‎deductible - e.g. ‎For 501(c)3 R&D Philanthropy, ‎(d) making all of people's data anonymous (nameless) but invaluable with ‎psychometric (6-10 traits), ‎social & geo-‎demographic 'tags' (anonymous; non-specific)‎, ‎(e) for socially responsible scientific ‎research, and (f) socially ‎responsible remarketing, ‎(g) that funds each anonymous data donor’s 501(c)3 philanthropy… ‎(h) based on ‎the 501(c)3's popularity ‎& its' social impact rating‎, with ‎(i) all data monitored for socially responsible usage & anonymity‎.‎ ‎

Key 1 – Value Propositions: ‎(A) The value of anonymous, authenticated, psychometric comparative insight for everyone ‎ ‎
(B) Offering deep psychometric research data as a 501(c)3 charitable CSR donation for philanthropy (insuring ‎recovery ‎plus ‎Goodwill), and (C) a socially responsible buyer for our host consulting.‎ ‎

Key 2 - Trust = Anonymity, Philanthropy & Integrity-by-design: Total Anonymity, Philanthropy & Program Creditability/Integrity ‎are ‎the keys to gain the people's and the host's trust. It's ‎easy to make data anonymous but invaluable with psychometric, social ‎and ‎geo-demographic tags; we just have to ‎monitor data for socially responsible usage & monitor the charities for social impact.‎ ‎

Key 3 - Integrity-by-design Framework: Psychometric & Behavior tags and anonymous authentication are the keys to unlock ‎the ‎scientific & marketing research ‎potential (insight) value of licensed, anonymous personal data - that you won't find anywhere ‎else, ‎with such insight, ‎exactly because it is all anonymous but authenticated.‎ ‎
‎ ‎
These services are provided by DIGITALLY DOMINANT DATA’s RESEARCH SOLUTIONS: GDPR-SAFE™ & 501c3-‎SME™ BIG ‎Data ‎Consulting, ‎Psychometric Research and Philanthropy Club, Anonymityinc.net™ (e.g. Anonymous psychometric ‎research ‎market ‎‎(sponsored psychometric behavior & pattern research)‎. This is A 501(c)3 solution for security, privacy & ‎socially ‎responsible research, marketing & funding that ‎benefits philanthropy, leveraging anonymous invaluable psychometric ‎research ‎data & ‎services – sold as a charitable CSR donation of social ‎responsibility.‎ ‎

THE FUTURE PSYCHOMETRIC RESEARCH & PHILANTHROPIC LANDSCAPE:‎ Harnessing anonymous psychometric research data ‎for ‎socially responsible use, will transform ‎the extraordinary ‎value ‎of ‎anonymous market research into a ‎extraordinary amount ‎of ‎social ‎impact & business intelligence. Here, ‎anonymous ‎social ‎interaction data becomes a social ‎currency for people & ‎their ‎causes, ‎along with a foundation ‎for actionable ‎business insight.‎ In addition to being “the ‎socially responsible thing to do”, the ‎service ‎provides ‎helpful* anonymous ‎psychometric comparison insight ('Public Interest & Scientific Research, respective to ‎the ‎GDPR), ‎from ‎members ‎w/ ‎similar ‎personality & social, geo-demographic tags (people like me), on almost any ‎topic‎. ‎ ‎

REGISTER:  Click on the button below to register the 501(c)3 R&D/Community Philanthropy you wish to support. Otherwise, donations ‎from ‎profits of anonymous research data sold for socially responsible research & remarketing will go those 501(c)3’s based on ‎popularity ‎& their social impact rating. ‎