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Phil's Food Page - Food Thoughts to Share & for my Future Restaurant

I spent 6+ years in the restaurant business, serving as Executive Chef for the Major Hotels and Fine Eclectic dining, and specializing in 'Cuisine Meinseur', a cross between asian & french cooking (colorful & very healthy).   We cook almost all of our food as compared to using commercial packaging, and respectively eat like kings, for less than going to Wendy's, and far less than going to Chili's every night.   I'll be adding some links to other people's videos, recipes, as well as many personal write-ups of my own.  

On the other hand, finding so many other great ideas on the net, I'd like to start out sharing a few.  They are so good (creative & entertaining) that I'll probably use some as silent background videos.  I always thought that I was pretty creative until I watched and tried out a few of these great hacks.