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Select & Speak Extensions, Add-ons & more

These programs transform selected text to voice, either locally or from on-line servers.  Having tested dozens of these programs in support of sales automation technologies, I've selected a few of the best offerings which all carry multiple voices, pitch control, etc. and which are available w/o charge (although better versions are available on-line for a cost).  Once installed, you just select the text you want, right click and select the speak/voice option.   Our preference is "Simple Text to Speech" even though it does not have many 2nd features.  This can also be integrated into Google Translate, so people can talk and/ or chat in their native environments - think about that one.

From 40 hours of recent testing:  "Simple Text to Speech" is simple & just works well with a wicked female voice.  "Speak It for Chrome" and "Speak It!" are similar, the 1st a bit better; use female voice a bit slower than normal.  "Select & Speak" has future possibilities (on on-line service) including dynamic embedding.  While we considered embedding this capability, we elected to offer this general capability, that you should find useful day to day, browsing the net, especially when your eyes get tired of reading - think about that.  If you wear glasses, you should also get a $5-10 pair of flip reading glasses (Amazon) that is 100% more practical than a bigger monitor or  bifocals, with much less neck & pocket strain.  If you get neck pains, get a Soma Care Renewable Therapeutic Heat Pack (ingenious commercial baking soda & vinegar exothermic chemistry).

We will be adding to this list for Mac, iPhone & iPad extensions and add-ons.   Note that our limited selection was based on output that did not sound too mechanical, and/or did not play a long selection.